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Bugzilla : "Nightly" & "regression" keywords

Hello devs,

I would like to make public some thoughts about some usages on Bugzilla.

Presently, for each new Scilab release, two version tags must be created: say

"6.0.2"  and "6.0.2 nightly & dev" or "6.1.0 master".
Then, what to do with the former "6.0.1 nightly & devs" ?

  • Still open reports should be retagged 6.0.2 ?
  • and resolved ones be retagged "6.0.1"
  • and finally the "6.0.1 nightly & devs" be completely removed.

When accumulated over versions, the "nightly & devs" tags are duplicates, and all this stuff does not increase bugs management wrt Scilab versions.

The main issue there is that "nightly & devs" does not define a version. It is just a tag for any version.

This is why, IMHO "Nightly & dev" should be defined as a Bugzilla "Keyword".
The user's attention can be brought on it in the "Version"'s tooltip,
by updating the tip :

By the way, IMO another new Keyword -- "Regression" is missing.
It would be very usefull as well.

Looking forward to reading you,


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