Changes on ATOMS to post toolboxes for Scilab 6

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Changes on ATOMS to post toolboxes for Scilab 6

Dear Scilab Devs,

We've made a few changes on the ATOMS website ( ), in order to provide better support for the 6.0 release, and to improve the speed and ease of use of ATOMS. The general idea was to have simple things that work well rather than more complex things that work sometimes only. For Toolbox users, there should not be any changes, except bug fixes and better presentation of information. For Toolbox maintainers, the changes are more important, but should be smooth. The main change is the simplification of the version schema (numbering, dependencies, and correspondence with Scilab versions).

Highlight for Toolbox Users

  • The ATOMS website performance has been improved

  • Presentation of toolbox availability has been improved on the ATOMS website
    (which toolbox version for which version of Scilab ?)

  • In particular, it is now possible to filter which toolboxes are available for a specific version of Scilab, on a specific platform

  • Various small user interface improvment (showing how many toolboxes are present in each category; hiding internal "Test" toolboxes)

  • Better performance of the Atoms functionalities in Scilab with regards to connectivity to the ATOMS portal

Highlight for Toolbox Maintainers

  • Toolbox maintainers have a new menu "My toolboxes" in order to:
    • Create a toolbox and input all necessary information for publication
    • List all toolboxes they have published. This provides a quick access to administrative tasks for the toolbox.
  • New tooltips have been added on the website in order to guide maintainers when publishing a new version of a toolbox.
  • Toolbox maintainers can enable or disable toolbox versions or binaries as they see fit.
  • Toolbox maintainers can create binaries for multiple versions of Scilab with the same source version, thus solving the following bug.
  • Guidelines to build a toolbox version that is compatible to both Scilab 5 and Scilab 6 are available here

All these modification will allow a faster release cycle for the toolboxes and we will aim at making the publish process as automated as possible in the near future.

Some toolboxes that were available in for versions greater than 5.4 are now only available for scilab 5.4 only because of errors in the compilation in Scilab 5.5 on our Compilation Chains or because they require more specific compilation. We will try and release them, or provide toolbox maitainers with our build logs for improvements.
All your requirements and feedback are welcome!

The Scilab Team

Complete change log:

  • Toolbox versions are now <major>.<minor>.<patch>; the format is enforced for new versions. Earlier version can still be <major>.<minor>.<patch>.<build>
  • Versions on the website do not have a "-" anymore with an additional number; for example, a toolbox that appeared as "8.3.2-1" now appears as "8.3.2" everywhere
  • Ordering of versions is now working properly
  • Screenshot have been removed, they were not working properly
  • When creating a toolbox, or a new toolbox version, providing the source is mandatory
  • When creating a toolbox, or a new toolbox version, the maintainer must tell if the toolbox has native code
  • Adding binaries is now done on a specific "Manage binaries" page, not when creating the toolbox
  • Ability to disable a toolbox version (make it invisible) has been added. We should disable many old toolboxes versions- many small changes and fixes to the way toolboxes are presented
  • Dependencies no longer have versions nor direction
  • Support of Scilab versions is simply "major.minor", not an expression anymore; toolboxes that had ">= y.z" are now only compatible with y.z. Toolboxes that had "~" (compatible with any version) are now based on release date (based on based on ): '5.5' if created before '2015-09-01', '5.4' if created before '2015-01-01', '5.3' if created before '2011-08-01'
  • Each binary file has a Scilab version attached to it, not for the whole toolbox version (for FileExchange it is still for the whole toolbox)
  • DESCRIPTION files (used for builds, and in Scilab) have a few changes
    •  dependencies are now always "~ ... any": and the dependency is guarantied to exist, so no check is needed in Scilab
    •  ScilabVersion is now always "~": no check is need in Scilab
    •  PackagingVersion has been removed
    •  HasNativeCode has been added
    •  each file (source and binaries) has a "...SupportedScilab" field (with value 5.4, 5.5 or 6.0)
    • so all the code that handles dependency versions, and packaging versions, can be removed in Scilab.
  • Search is now usable in FileExchange (was so slow it was unusable before)
  • On Fileexchange, groups of files are now called "file sets"
  • Added some administration view, in particular "My toolboxes"
  • On the home page, it is now possible to filter toolboxes available on a specific platform, and/or for a specific Scilab version
  • Category lists don't show categories that are empty anymore; and show how many toolboxes they contain
  • Internal Scilab testing toolboxes don't appear anymore on the website, and in Scilab
Known issues:
  • History may not work very well
  • Email notifications have not yet been improved

The Scilab Team

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