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Compilation Errors

I tried to compile SciLAB in a fresh and minimal Debian 8.7 GNU/Linux.

When running configure with these parameters 

export JAVA_HOME=/usr/java/jdk1.8.0_121/ 
./configure --enable-debug  --without-tk --without-javasci --without-gui --without-xcos --without-modelica --without-emf --without-fftw --without-openmp --without-matio --without-arpack-ng --without-umfpack --disable-build-localization -with-eigen-include=/usr/local/include/eigen3

I received this error message:

configure: error: Could not find the Docbook root directory. If you have installed it on your system and we haven't been able to find it. Please report a bug

However, both docbook and docbook-utils packages is installed.
It's really a bug or i have done something wrong ?

If anyone want to see what packages i have installed, i have put both /usr list files and installed package list here.

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