Error on Port type or Size for Xcos Block

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Error on Port type or Size for Xcos Block

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I am developing MATDET block of Scilab's Xcos simulator on the web(using JS) but getting this pop up 'Error in port size or type' when I simulate a diagram by giving a matrix input to MATDET using const_m block.

If I just give an integer input than the simulation works. I have given port sizes of input and output as per .sci file of MATDET:

in: list(in,in2,intyp)
in: [[-1,-1],1] OR [[-1,-1],2] (Input by user)

out: list(out,out2,outyp)
out: [[1,1],1] OR [[1,1],2] (input by user)

Please see the following simulation diagrams:

1) Simulation Diagram:

2) Simulation Error with matrix input:

3) Simulation Working with integer input:

Can anyone please help me understand why am I getting such an error and how can I fix it?

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