Error with Plot2d() in Java

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Error with Plot2d() in Java

I am interested in using Java event mechanism to invoke
Scilab plotting. To this end, I tried to run the example ihm in javasci module.

When I compile the Java code and then run the Java application,
it sets up Frame with a button and textfield. When I click the button,
I get the following error:

Warning !!!
Scilab has found a critical error (Unknown exception)
with "plot2d" function.
Save your data and restart Scilab.

The plot2d() statement is in MonPanneau class, YA_EU_UN_Click() method.
Then I inserted scripts for simple examples from plot2d1 and plot3d,
into the
YA_EU_UN_Click() method, with the same result.

I tried to run the batch file in the ihm folder, it opens scilex window
and no plot.