Fortran program call in Scilab 6.01: OMP does not work!

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Fortran program call in Scilab 6.01: OMP does not work!

Yes I defined number of threads via environment variable
as Intel recommended. 8 threads can be seen by htop as separate processes but only 1 cpu core is loaded 100%.
29.12.2018, 16:00, "[hidden email]" <[hidden email]>:

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   1. Re: Fortran program call in Scilab 6.01: OMP does not work!
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Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2018 14:42:38 -0200
From: Pedro Arthur <[hidden email]>
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Subject: Re: [Scilab-Dev] Fortran program call in Scilab 6.01: OMP
        does not work!
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Em qua, 26 de dez de 2018 ?s 12:09, mobile_ghost <[hidden email]> escreveu:

 I wrote a parallel routine in Fortran using OMP (Intel compiler v.17.0.4)
 and link it to Scilab 6.01. To my surprise the program uses only one CPU
 core from 8 available. Besides, the same stand-alone code uses 8 cores.
 *Does anybody know what the bug (if any) in Scialab 6.01 and how to bypass
 it? *

Did you set the number of threads to use at runtime [1]? if not the
application may use whatever default value is set.

[1] -

Best regards,

 My system is Ubuntu 18.04. Intel compiler
 (ifort version 17.0.4) command is
 ifort -fPIC -shared -qopenmp grav3d_omp.f90 -o

 Scilab link and call command are:
                  xgrd,3,"d",ygrd,4,"d", zgrd,5,"d",...

 I made a standalone version
 ifort -qopenmp grav3d_omp.f90 -o gravda_omp
 of the same progam and run it from Scilab 6.01
 with the same result: ONLY ONE CPU CORE is used!
 BUT, when I run it from a terminal window it works fine. Every CPU core busy
 What's the matter? Is there a solution?

 Thanks in advance.


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