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[Fwd: Support] [scilab-Users] Scicos Block with Different Output Port Types?


sorry for the first incomplete (untested) answer and the following
delay: we are very busy for the next Scilab 5 release (Scicos is
included, of course ;) .

Back to our business: please try the attached files. With this
interfacing function the compilation is OK. I double checked the
coherency trying to invert the output connections: a warning dialog box
about the data type and size appear.

Mission accomplished ? I don't think so.

To finish the job we need a "test.c" computational function for
simulation and a "set" section inside "TEST.sci" for a nice user's

By the way, the standard technique to write Scicos block is to begin
from an already working code of a similar block.

If you have specific request, we will be happy to help/guide you.

   Simone Mannori - Scilab/Scicos Embedded Applications


test_sim.cosf (22K) Download Attachment
TEST.sci (977 bytes) Download Attachment