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[GSoC] Usage Tracking Module - Update


I started my Google Summer of Code program this June and got to work on the PDF Generation Module but after the 1st week, I concluded that working with the ' Help PDF Generation ' project would take a bit more of understanding.

So, accordingly, I started working on the Usage Tracking Module which is basically implementing the Google Analytics API in SCILAB. The initial thought was to get this module to work during execution time i.e.using the Scilab Console window. But, then I communicated with Clement David about how it would be much better if we implement this module during SciNotes execution because most of the big Scilab projects are carried out in SciNotes. He agreed and pointed out to me the following guidelines that helped me a lot:

a) setup preferences to add a "do not track" options within Scilab.

b) implement parser counters for commands and macros (using a HashMap<String, int>, rather than a HashSet<String>).

c) push the counters using Google Analytics API "Measurement Protocol" (or another provider).

Accordingly, I have created the Setup Preferences modules and added the " Allow Tracking " and " Do not Track " options within Scilab.
Next, I have created the Usage Tracking Lexer Constants file and the Usage Tracking Lexer file (using JFlex) to implement parser counters for " Commands ", " Macros ", " Macros in file " and " Function Keywords " using a HashMap<String, Integer>( ).
My aim for the next week will be to push the counters using Google Analytics API (preferably) and complete the Usage Tracking Module and run some tests and get onto debugging if necessary.

By the 2nd week of July, I am looking forward to start off with the " Help PDF Generation " module.

My Wiki Link : https://wiki.scilab.org/GSoC_2017_Diganta_Dutta

My Github Repository link : https://github.com/DigantaD/Scilab-UsageTracking/

Thank You!