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GSoc Application queries.

I am nitish, a 4th year student from the Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur enrolled in its 5 year integrated MS course in Mathematics and Computing. I am interested in applying in the octave project. I went through the suggested ideas page (for gsoc applicants) and I am very much interested in the projects listed in the "numerical computing" section especially PDE module.

I am well versed with C, C++ and Matlab and have used it in several academic projects, I have also worked with Java before. I have also simulated many numerical algorithms in matlab during my course of study. 
I have been using linux (ubuntu) for the last 6 months. 
Though I have to accept that I havent used scilab before, but nevertheless, i would be happy to contribute to it as it involves two of the things i love the most - applied maths and programming! 

I would like to know the following : 
1) Is my current skill set suited to my choice of project or do I need something more ? 
2) How and where can I discuss project ideas of my chosen option/s ? 
3) Do you have any separate process/form for application or will I have to apply only when google begins accepting student applications after 26th march ? 
4) I am sure that the competition will be tough, can you give me any advice as to what can I do to increase my chances for getting selected ?

Will looking forward to your reply and also for interacting with you in the future. 

- Nitish