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GUI designer for scilab 5.x

Hi, all.

1. I'm looking for good GUI designer for scilab 5.x. Does it exist?
According to the following quote it's at least planned:
Scilab GUI generator
To provide, via a dedicated editor, a GUI development environment to
define easily custom interface (buttons, menus, listboxes, etc.) and
generate automatically equivalent Scilab code.

2. I don't know is it worth to use SciGui module, but I've tried to
install it into Scilab 5.0.3, although installation passed with out
errors, but it fails on loading by totally braking Scilab.

3. Why does new docking header occupy figure space? IMHO, it isn't
obvious behaviour and it confuses users. Moreover I have to rewrite old
GUI applications due to this change. Is it final behaviour or you're
planning to change it?


Kirill Kirillov