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[Gsoc] Bugs to work on


I am Soumitra Agarwal, senior year undergrad. at the Indian Institute of
Technology, Guwahati. I have been working on machine learning based
algorithms for the past 2 years as part of my course curriculum (focused on
Computer Vision).

I was part of the Red Hen Labs for Google Summer of Code 2016 and would love
to contribute to Scilab as a part of GSoC 2018 (and otherwise as well). I am
well versed with the traditional as well as recent machine learning
algorithms (presently doing research related to neural trees) and thus the
project titled 'Machine Learning features in Scilab' possesses my primary

I completed the build for Scilab and can display my name on the banner. I
had a few queries regarding the projects (pertaining to which bugs to work
on before submitting a proposal etc.) and wanted to confirm whether this is
the best channel for communication and if I am not too late already.

Soumitra Agarwal

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