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[Gsoc] Final submission : Machine learning among other things

Hello everyone,

As the summer comes to an end, I would like to thank everyone who was part
of the project and aided it to completion. The project is divided into two
main flavours, the progress for each is listed below:

1. Development : This part of the project concentrated on building a
standalone toolbox for major machine learning algorithms. I was able to add
around 30 different algorithms and preprocessing scripts with all code
written in pure scilab. The toolbox is available on  atoms

2. Experimentation : This dealt with building a cloud based on demand
machine learning service for Scilab. This includes running your own custom
made scripts as well as some 40 predefined python scripts (like a wrapper)
written with sklearn. There is a separate testing procedure and an
authentication mechanism in place all of which is bundled into a toolbox. An
addition to this may include integration with the Scilab cloud (as we wait
for it).

All of the code written is available on the  github repository

I wrote a  small blog <http://soumitraagarwal.github.io/Scilab-gsoc>  
describing my work and some related readeries. Feel free to advise on how
this project could be taken further or leave any other feedback.

Soumitra Agarwal

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