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[Gsoc] GSoC 2017 project details

Hello Everyone,

I am Aashay Singhal (irc: aashay). Currently, I am a sophomore pursuing B.Tech in CSE from International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad, India.
I am comfortable with C/C++, Python, Matlab, GIT, SVN, Unity game engine, OpenGL, BASH, SQL, HTML, CSS and Javascript.

I have been writing C/C++ codes for over 2 years now. I want  to contribute to Scilab as I have been using similar softwares in my courses and it matches my skill set.

I have been involved in fixing some bugs in scilab.
Merged bug fixes :- #4276, #14982
Open bug fixes :- #14915, #14221, #13045, #6145
Reviews done :- 19146
This is the link to my commits and reviews on codereview :- https://codereview.scilab.org/#/q/aashay
Link to my github profile is here.

I read the GSOC project ideas list and I am interested in the following two projects(in preference order) :-
1) Matlab MEX-files managament
   As per my understanding, this project will provide a wrapping of MEX-file headers on scilab API. The MEX API is still incomplete. Also, some existing problems with the module, for example, struct inside struct, problems with xcos diagrams, etc are to be fixed. Many functions like mexSetTrapFlag, mexErrMsgIdAndTxt and so on are not yet implemented and need to be. Some of the implemented functions are not properly tested. I have also been reading the Scilab API documentation.

2) Connection with OpenFoam
   According to me, OpenFoam API already exists and this project requires to use that to implement an interface to use OpenFoam functions in Scilab. I have started reading the swig also.

I would love to contribute to Scilab this summer and further. I would like to know more details regarding Matlab MEX-files management project.

Looking forward for guidance from mentors.

Aashay Singhal

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