[Gsoc] GSoC 2018 - Machine Learning Features in Scilab

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[Gsoc] GSoC 2018 - Machine Learning Features in Scilab

Hello Everyone!

For this year's Google Summer of Code, we have *Soumitra Agrawa*l working
with us on the *machine learning project*. The current plan is to
extend/evolve the work done last summer wrt the ML Toolbox i.e. integration
of jupyter within the Scilab console to allow remote python script
execution. But the approach is not limited in scope to jupyter integration

Below are few deliverables planned for this year:

   - Adding authentication to the jupyter connection flow
   - Automating transfer of connection details across the remote and local
machine. Last year's work required manual transfer of the kernel.json file
which contains
   - Enable multiple users to utilize the remote execution on a single
server instance
   - Inclusion of support for Python3, which would open doors for many other
ML libraries unavailable through Python 2.7
   - Integrating deep learning libraries like TensorFlow and PyTorch to
enable use of pretrained neural networks within Scilab

Also if you have any other ideas for the ML Toolbox, lets get together and

Mandar Deshpande

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