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[Gsoc] GSoC 2018: Project Selection

Hello Scilab,

I am Apratim Ranjan Chakrabarty (irc: ircuser/ircuser_/apra) and I am interested in working for Scilab, during GSoc 2018. Presently, I am a fresher, pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering from Haldia Institute of Technology, India. I was one of the finalist in Google Code-In 2017, my organization being BRL-CAD.

I am quite comfortable in C/C++, Java and familiar with SVN and Git, beginner in Python. Currently I am experimenting with Scilab and getting comfortable in using Valgrind and Cppcheck to get to know more about memory leaks. I am also trying to build a module, to check whether a number is perfect or not, to learn the working of atoms toolbox and to know more about Scilab. I have updated the banner containing my name.

I am interested in quite a lot of projects: PDF Generation, Code Quality-,bugs reported by cppcheck and Anonymous usage tracking.

Would love to get suggestions regarding the projects and how to proceed with writing a proposal.


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