[Gsoc] GSoC 2018 : Updates for the first Evaluation

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[Gsoc] GSoC 2018 : Updates for the first Evaluation

Hello all,

Good day!

The work for the MEX project is on track and according to the timeline given here : https://docs.google.com/document/d/195A_laQpEwbZqRFpqsFfkYWGhv285kAZ6qFhzLPOVgk/edit?usp=sharing

The current work progress has been updated on the wiki : https://wiki.scilab.org/Working%20Demo%20with%20Usage%20Docs%20for%20the%20Mex%20Module

Mainly currently I am working on porting the different MEX functions given in the GP toolbox (https://github.com/alecjacobson/gptoolbox/tree/master/mex) to Scilab.

The function implementation for the mexlib library in SCILAB was mostly complete in my last GSoC 2017 work.

But the following commits are still left to be reviewed before being merged -
The latest commits for this years work is -

Thanking you!

(IRC : rocko)

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