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Dear Sirs,

I’m very interested to cooperate in proposed project as a part of Google Summer of Code. Specifically, I would like to be involved in “Anonymous usage tracking using Google analytics protocol to track most used components”.

Little bit of myself. In 2015 I was graduated from Military Academy in Georgia (country not a state of USA))) and obtained a diploma of bachelor in IT. Up to date I do a master degree in Kiev Polytechnic Institute (Ukraine) on Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science. Would like to try myself in mentioned challenge. Kindly ask you to provide me with more specific information how I can be part of it, what I need to do to apply and what tasks and aims of the project will be. Also would like to say that I’m highly motivated to have such experience in my education program.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,

Levan Surmanidze    

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