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[Gsoc] Project Idea aims

I am Diganta Dutta from India. I am currently a student of Christ University, Bangalore, India. I wanted to discuss about the project ideas: a) OpenFOAM b) UI Controls Export and c) Anonymous Usage Tracking

a) Regarding OpenFOAM, is this project aimed primarily at successfully importing projects, graphs/plots and complex numerical solvers from both ends?
b) For UI Controls, is the project idea focused on the development of more advanced plots and numerical visuals through Scilab?
c) For Anonymous Usage Tracking, is the project idea aimed at the similar results that Google search engines or various on line shopping portals give us?  Like, if we use a command or a package very frequently or a particular command/package is being used by a majority of Scilab users then, whenever we open Scilab, we get examples and tutorials related to it?

It would be very helpful to me if I could get a review for the draft>
Thank You!

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