[Gsoc] Reg: Gsoc 2018 - Matlab Mex Demo Project - Updates Phase 3

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[Gsoc] Reg: Gsoc 2018 - Matlab Mex Demo Project - Updates Phase 3

Hello all,

Good day!

The updates and tasks for my GSoC project (Mex DEMO project) have been updated on my wiki -


A summary of the tasks I'm working on -
  1. Write final Builder.(using ilib_mex_build)
  2. Help for the functions.
  3. Update dependencies.
  4. Port remaining functions. (add tests if possible)

Code is updated on the following Github repo: https://www.github.com/sidgairo18/SCILAB_MEX_TOOLBOX/

Also would be grateful if someone could take a look at the following mexlib commits on codereview -

  1. https://codereview.scilab.org/#/c/19361/

  2. https://codereview.scilab.org/#/c/19360/

  3. https://codereview.scilab.org/#/c/19378/

  4. https://codereview.scilab.org/#/c/19384/

  5. https://codereview.scilab.org/#/c/19359/

  6. https://codereview.scilab.org/#/c/19349/

  7. https://codereview.scilab.org/#/c/19332/

  8. https://codereview.scilab.org/#/c/19344/

I had a few doubts (from my previous email) -

1. How will the DEMO be available to the users? -
 - Will it be supplied with SCILAB.
 - Or do we make it available separately.

Thanking you.



(IRC : rocko)

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