[Gsoc] Unable to get toolbox_skeleton / C++ API working

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[Gsoc] Unable to get toolbox_skeleton / C++ API working

Hello everyone,

I am unable to get the toolbox skeleton working. I have tried on both OS X and Ubuntu but get the same error. Following the steps given at https://wiki.scilab.org/howto/Create%20a%20toolbox . Output below.

(Ubuntu Execution)
-> exec builder.sce

--> // Copyright (C) 2008 - INRIA

--> // Copyright (C) 2009-2011 - DIGITEO

--> // This file is released under the 3-clause BSD license. See COPYING-BSD.

--> mode(-1);
Building macros...
-- Creation of [toolbox_skeletonlib] (Macros) --
genlib: Processing file: scilab_error.sci
genlib: Processing file: scilab_sum.sci
Building sources...
   Generate a loader file
   Generate a Makefile
   ilib_gen_Make: configure : Generate Makefile.
   ilib_gen_Make: Copy compilation files (Makefile*, libtool...) to TMPDIR
   ilib_gen_Make: Copy fsum.f to TMPDIR
   ilib_gen_Make: Modification of the Makefile in TMPDIR.
   Running the Makefile
at line   169 of function ilib_compile         ( /home/sri/Desktop/scilab2/scilab-master-
1486628791/share/scilab/modules/dynamic_link/macros/ilib_compile.sci line 185 )
at line   104 of function ilib_for_link        ( /home/sri/Desktop/scilab2/scilab-master-
1486628791/share/scilab/modules/dynamic_link/macros/ilib_for_link.sci line 118 )
at line    29 of function tbx_build_src        ( /home/sri/Desktop/scilab2/scilab-master-
1486628791/share/scilab/modules/modules_manager/macros/tbx_build_src.sci line 44 )
at line     3 of function builder_fortran      ( /home/sri/Desktop/scilab2/scilab-master-
1486628791/share/scilab/contrib/toolbox_skeleton/src/fortran/builder_fortran.sce line 5 )
at line    -1 of executed file /home/sri/Desktop/scilab2/scilab-master-
at line    13 of function tbx_builder          ( /home/sri/Desktop/scilab2/scilab-master-
1486628791/share/scilab/modules/modules_manager/macros/tbx_builder.sci line 26 )
at line    60 of function tbx_builder_src_lang ( /home/sri/Desktop/scilab2/scilab-master-
1486628791/share/scilab/modules/modules_manager/macros/tbx_builder_src_lang.sci       line 75 )
at line     4 of function builder_src          ( /home/sri/Desktop/scilab2/scilab-master-
1486628791/share/scilab/contrib/toolbox_skeleton/src/builder_src.sce line 6 )
at line    -4 of executed file /home/sri/Desktop/scilab2/scilab-master-
at line    13 of function tbx_builder          ( /home/sri/Desktop/scilab2/scilab-master-
1486628791/share/scilab/modules/modules_manager/macros/tbx_builder.sci line 26 )
at line    44 of function tbx_builder_src      ( /home/sri/Desktop/scilab2/scilab-master-
1486628791/share/scilab/modules/modules_manager/macros/tbx_builder_src.sci line 61 )
at line    31 of function main_builder         ( /home/sri/Desktop/scilab2/scilab-master-
1486628791/share/scilab/contrib/toolbox_skeleton/builder.sce line 39 )
at line    48 of executed file /home/sri/Desktop/scilab2/scilab-master-

ilib_compile: An error occurred during the compilation:
libtool: compile: unrecognized option `-g'
libtool: compile: Try `libtool --help' for more information.
make: *** [fsum.lo] Error 1
ilib_compile: The command was:
make  CFLAGS=" -D__SCILAB_TOOLBOX__ -I/home/sri/Desktop/scilab2/scilab-master-
1486628791/share/scilab/../../include/scilab/ -I/home/sri/Desktop/scilab2/scilab-master-
1486628791/share/scilab/../../include/ " CXXFLAGS=" -D__SCILAB_TOOLBOX__
-I/home/sri/Desktop/scilab2/scilab-master-1486628791/share/scilab/../../include/ " FFLAGS="-
I/home/sri/Desktop/scilab2/scilab-master-1486628791/share/scilab/../../include/scilab/ "

I am getting errors while following the API_Scilab guide given here. The error is well explained in the bug I filed some time ago, Bug #14966. Sometime later another refiled the same bug here -> Bug #14971.

Am I missing something here and am setting it up wrong ? If it is working for you could you please tell me which operating system you are using and if you did anything extra to make it work ?


Aditya Puranik

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