Issue on Delete bonding key (Stack v2.1.0)

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Issue on Delete bonding key (Stack v2.1.0)

I use function gecko_cmd_sm_delete_bonding(...);

for specific remove bonding key on Bluetooth device

this function use in 2 scenario.

1. Write remove bonding command to characteristic

                case QR_REMOVE_BONDING:

2. When bonding error with 0x0305 reason code

        case gecko_evt_sm_bonding_failed_id:
                    case 0x0305:  //repairing with the same button (not remove key on Mobile)
                bondId = conGetBondingId();

In 1. scenario,it great work correctly.

In 2., when i remove bonding key with id 1,the bonding id 0 will be removed.
remove 1, 1 and 0 will be removed
remove 2, 2 and 0 will be removed
remove 0, only 0 will be removed

Please suggestion for me.