Java compilation and jar files: Few updates

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Java compilation and jar files: Few updates


I commited some works in order to facilitate the compilation under

The ant (java compilation) process will use libraries found during
the ./configure process.
To do so, I added a file which is transformed
by the configure process to match the configuration of the computer.

Windows is still using "", then, it is important to
not commit "". I will probably see that with Allan
when he comes back from holidays.

In the mean time, I updated the thirdparty dir. JRosetta has been
thirdparty/JRosetta-1.0.jar => thirdparty/jrosetta-engine.jar
thirdparty/JRosetta-API-1.0.jar => thirdparty/jrosetta-API.jar

Don't forget to update your thirdparty directory.


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