[Jlatexmath] Optimal line spacing automatic vs manual line breaks

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[Jlatexmath] Optimal line spacing automatic vs manual line breaks

hello developers,

first of all thanks for the excellent library, it is a big improvement
in Freeplane!

I have changed the interline spacing for LaTeX formulas to 0.4pt.
This works fine, except for one thing (see attachment 1):

- this line spacing is pretty much fine for automatic line breaks
  (i.e. long text without \\) -> "set of ordered pairs..." in the png

- the line spacing is too small (but not none) ->
  "multiline\\x2=4/3\\line3" in the png

It looks the same for text (see 2nd attachment

Could there be a difference between line spacing in automatic and
manual line breaks?

The optimal line spacing also depends on the fontsize.
What do the other projects use?

Many Thanks and Best Regards,
Felix Natter

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