[Localization] Release of Scilab 5.5.0.

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[Localization] Release of Scilab 5.5.0.

Dear Scilab Users,

Scilab Enterprises is glad to announce the release of Scilab 5.5.0.

Highly anticipated Scilab 5.5.0 provides better management of interaction in general and in graphics in particular. Whether from the perspective of a developer or of an end user from the world of industry, Scilab 5.5.0 facilitates the development, deployment and implementation of business applications through extensive creation capabilities of user interfaces.

Scilab 5.5.0 is now available for download on http://www.scilab.org

Best Regards

Communication Department, Scilab Enterprises
143bis rue Yves Le Coz - 78000 Versailles (France)
http://www.scilab-enterprises.com - http://www.scilab.org

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