Machine Learning Toolbox for Scilab

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Machine Learning Toolbox for Scilab

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I am Mandar Deshpande 4th year student at VNIT, Nagpur. I am interested and am going to apply for the machine learning toolbox implementation for Scilab as a part of gsoc.

I have practical experience in C, C++, JAVA, Python and MATLAB. Plus I have completed 2 months summer internship with Citicorp (Citigroup).
link to my github account -

Through the use of machine learning and neural networks, I have developed various models for handwritten digit recognition using python(Tensorflow) and MATLAB(scripts).

I am very comfortable with MATLAB's style of coding, and have worked to bridge the coding style between MATLAB and Scilab.

So I wanted to know, which bugs would be pertaining to the machine learning project ?