Need help on an attempt in generating an Xcos module for Scilab

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Need help on an attempt in generating an Xcos module for Scilab


I was trying to create an Xcos module for scilab. I used parts of the skeleton Toolbox, provided with scilab, in order to get started.
I am able to create an own toolbox in Xcos, and add 2 Operators to it. But I can't edit the svg files, to adapt the in plan apperace or the input/output layout. Plus I kinda feel that the linkage between the modules is a bit beyond my grasp. I thought, that when you build it and include a "TBX_SUM_sci" to the lst, it will use the "TBX_SUM_sci" pictures, and the "TBX_SUM_sci.sci" macro file (with the "TBX_SUM_sci" function) to provide the Interface handler. Well. It seems, I can't make scilab execute the code provided in there.  Plus one Symbol  (SimuGen) always returns whenever I try to open It's gui :
 matrix: Input and output matrices must have the same number of elements.

 With input arguments, return / resume expects output arguments.

Whereas the other one does not anything. Both have xxx_sim.sci filed+functions (wich now do the same, due to testing..).

No matter what I do, I can switch the symbols at best....

I build them with the builder.sce file, which calls the buildmacros, which builds

function buildmacros()
    macros_path = get_absolute_file_path("buildmacros.sce");

    blocks = ["TBX_SUM_sci", "SimuGen"];

    tbx_build_macros(TOOLBOX_NAME, macros_path);
    tbx_build_blocks(toolbox_dir, blocks);
    tbx_build_pal_loader(TOOLBOX_TITLE, blocks, toolbox_dir, macros_path)

whereas SimuGen.sci (Always throws those errors, regardless of what I do).

and TBX_sum_sci.sci (always does nothing, regardless of what I do).

(Yes, I even tryed copying the Random number generator function into it)
Of course, loading happens with the standart loader (and the etc/st_regelstrecke.start file). Which has the check for already loaded toobox deactivated, atm.

So, my question is, where do I need to look for clues, on what is going wrong?
I suspect the linkage between symbols and code being broken. But where?
Or knows anyone if there is somewhere any tutorial on how to add an Xcos module? I haven't found any so far.
And Yes, currently everything is handled inside those macro files. No external gateways or such stuff used.

Juast noticed: if I load the skeleton toolbox afterwards, (Which has the TBX_SUM_sci Module), their TBX_SUM_sci Module will open the Random module (which code is also located inside my attempt of the TBX_SUM_sci symbol).

Scilab 6.0.0 Release,
Windows 7 x64
MSVC 10 compiler

As little code as possible is provided, due to email size reasons. If someone needs more code to see, what is going wrong, just ask.

Dear moderator: the old mail of that sort can be discarded, if not already done so.
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