New release 3.1.2

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New release 3.1.2


I am happy to announce the new release of arpack-ng.

The version 3.1.2 contains the following changes:
* Wrong call to pdlamch was causing segfaults. Thanks to Kyrre Sjøbæk
for finding the bug and the fix.
* Get rid of the mpif.h occurences in the source code (Closes: #782)
* Compile also PARPACK / MPI example (Closes: #783)
* Configure detected built-in LAPACK and BLAS, but refused to use them
(Closes: #784)
* Fixed division by zero in smlnum by usind p[d,s]lamch instead of the
serial. Thanks to Umberto De Giovannini.

Thanks for the various contributors and bug reporters. It helps a lot!

For the Debian users, this release has just been uploaded in Debian