Numbering of the Scilab libraries

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Numbering of the Scilab libraries


Just to let you know that I added a version number on linux/unix/macosx
This will simplify life of people who would like to us Scilab as an
API / computing engine.

At the moment, I use 5.0.0 as a global version but if Scilab is used
more and more as an engine, we might procuded versioning per libraries.

You will find more information on:

And the trick is to give to the linker the option:
-version-info (see [2]).


[1] here is a great ASCII art showing how does it work:
#                       | | |
#                +------+ | +---+
#                |        |     |
#             current:revision:age
#                |        |     |
#                |        |     +- increment if interfaces have been
#                |        |        set to zero if interfaces have been
#                                  or changed
#                |        +- increment if source code has changed
#                |           set to zero if current is incremented
#                +- increment if interfaces have been added, removed or

[2] An example of the change