Problem to create file .Jar, is getting empty

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Problem to create file .Jar, is getting empty

I have a doubt.
How do you create .jar used in help.

When I have create, the .jar file is getting empty

I do this: [1]Help_from_sci, [2]Xmltojar

// first generate the .xml files
Help_from_sci (dirname, helpdir);

// then generate the .jar file
My_english_help_dir = my_module_path + '/ help / en_US';
My_english_help_title = 'toolbox_test';

Xmltojar (my_english_help_dir, my_english_help_title, 'en_US');

Add_help_chapter (my_english_help_title, my_module_path + "/ jar");
Del_help_chapter (my_english_help_title);


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