Questions about the color and the possibilities of interaction

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Questions about the color and the possibilities of interaction


I tried to represent 3-dimensional set of points described by their XYZ coordinates in an Excel file
I succeed to open the Excel file, read all the coordonates, build a 3D cube with the function Plot3D1(), and to position the informations from the Excel file in this 3D environnement.
Great !

Now I have to do two things to finalize my project : the Color and the Interaction

Color : I have a fourth coordonate in the Excel file what I would like to represent by using the color of each point.
How can I do it ? I don't understand how to change color of each point using a value, and to have a different color for each point. Does anyone has had a similar need ? or do you know a post (I didn't found it) that explains it clearly ?

Interaction : Is it possible, with Scilab, to "select" a point and make appear a text string ? this text string could be, for instance, the name of the plot stored as fifth value in the excel file.

say me if i'm not clear, it is my first post on this forum

Thank you for your help and experience.