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I wanna say thanks for your previos help, Mr McCann and I have other questions.

If I have several constraint functions, g1,g2,, which are nonlinear function,
how should i rewrite the function in scipad so I could use the 'optim' function ?

should I reform the several constraint functions to be single matrix and linearize the entries contained nonlinear form with Taylor series ?



--- On Thu, 4/10/08, Michael J. McCann <[hidden email]> wrote:

From: Michael J. McCann <[hidden email]>
Subject: Re: [scilab-Users] Optimization
To: [hidden email]
Date: Thursday, April 10, 2008, 4:13 AM

         I'm just investigating Scilab. I did one or two NL 
optimizations in Matlab using fminunc() with a penalty function. 
Without having done it, it looks as if optim() in Scilab is the 
answer because it allows constraints to be specified.
At 10:10 2008-04-10, you wrote:
>Hi All!
>I need some help with Optimization Toolbox
>Someone knows what function in Scilab (for Optimization) equals to 
>function "constr" or "fmincon" in Matlab (Optimzation
>Or Should I need to write another script with C?
>Thanks in advice!

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