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Re: Scilab 6.1 for OSX is out !


The branch-6.1 OSX build has been updated yesterday evening. To have an
idea of bug fixes and other improvements since the last build see the
following list on CR:


Le 21/04/2020 à 19:21, Stéphane Mottelet a écrit :

> Hi all,
> Finally I managed to package a branch-6.1 version. "branch-6.1" means
> that you will have the actual features of 6.1 version plus the bug
> fixes and improvements provided by the team and contributors since its
> release. The archive is available to dowload at the following url:
> Tests have been made under HighSierra, Mojave, Catalina and everything
> seems OK. Please use the ML to report eventual problems.
> Enjoy !
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