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Re: [Scilab-Dev] Machine Learning Toolbox

Dear Caio, Dhruv and Amanda,


I would like to include my colleague Philippe Saadé to the exchanges on Machine Learning for Scilab.

He is an experienced mathematician working with us at ESI Group, and has an interesting vision on the subject.

He will be scientific advisor and mentor for a joint internship on Machine learning starting mid june.


[hidden email]: Could you maybe share with us your view on the subject?  


We can keep this exchange public if it is alright with you all, since I believe our success on the subject will depend on our capacity to centralize and merge our community efforts.

You can all collaborate on the project on our forge:




Yann @ Scilab


De : Amanda Osvaldo <[hidden email]>
Date : vendredi 28 avril 2017 à 01:03
À : List dedicated to the development of Scilab <[hidden email]>, Yann Debray <[hidden email]>, Dhruv Khattar <[hidden email]>
Objet : Re: [Scilab-Dev] Machine Learning Toolbox


Hi Caio, sorry for the late.


I think we should ask ourselves what SciLAB's focus and what audience are.

I feel a lack of knowing what users of Scilab seek.


Me, for example, I want to do everything from protyping to running the script on hundreds of Intel Xeon servers with the least possible effort.

Even with less effort than it would have if the script were built in Python.


I am sure that new data structures will expand the use of SciLAB.


But what advantage will this bring to users?

Python, as example, have already optimized data structures and libraries.


-- Amanda Osvaldo



On Wed, 2017-04-26 at 14:32 -0300, Caio Souza wrote:




I have been thinking about the usability of the toolbox and independent of which algorithms we are going to have, would be interesting to have some simplified structure (like TensorFlow).


Despite it being a lot of work to have such structure, (data, model, cost function, minimizer), it would make the toolbox easy to use and extend, having minimum impact to the usability.


IMHO, this is something that should be defined before any coding starts, and also well explained to the student.


I would like to hear from you what do you think, so we can start a discussion.





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