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Hello Martin,

Good idea ! I also have a first template of a Flatpak manifest with strong inspiration from the
Octave one [1] as dependencies are very similar. The bash script used to compile our thirdparties
[2] could also be a great source of inspiration.

For Eigen, the included files are prefixed like in `#include "Eigen/Eigen"`; you should probably
pass `--with-eigen-include=/app/include/` to make it work.




Le mardi 03 avril 2018 à 21:37 +0200, Martin Marmsoler a écrit :

> Hello,
> I'm trying to create a flatpak package of scilab. I try to compile scilab, but I have a different
> folder where the Eigen files are stored. Because of this i get the following error:
> checking if Eigen is version 3.3.2 or later... configure: error: Version 3.3.2 of Eigen expected
> (at least)
> I tried to add the path with the with-eigen-include argument, but it does not work:
> "./scilab/configure --prefix=/app --with-eigen-include=/app/include/Eigen",
> is there anybody who know how I can add the path to the eigen .h files?
> Here you can find the flatpak manifest. When it is finish I will put it on github and create a
> pullrequest
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