Re: [Scilab-users] MinGw toolbox 0.10.0 is not compatible with Scilab 6.0

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Re: [Scilab-users] MinGw toolbox 0.10.0 is not compatible with Scilab 6.0

Thank you, Alain!

I found your ticket on Scilab forge.
It seems to be fixed with latest source version of the toolbox - 0.10.1 (, MD5=553c9f4659cbc2f7bbdaba9d24507324).

I reported two new issues about wrong links.dia.ref and failed unit-tests ('addinter', 'ilib_build', 'ilib_build_2', 'ilib_build_cpp') because of missed sci_mem_alloc.h header file.

As toolbox maintainer and developer I could say that unit-testing is very important and I'm very happy when my toolbox passes all unit-tests in current and fresh versions of Scilab.

With best regards,
Ph.D., assistant professor at MPEI,
IEEE member,
maintainer of Mathieu functions toolbox for Scilab,
Nikolay Strelkov.

2017-02-20 12:46 GMT+03:00 Alain LAMY [via Scilab / Xcos - Mailing Lists Archives] <[hidden email]>:

Hello !


I had the same problem.

The work-around is to copy the “scripts” directory (in MinGW home directory) in “macros”.

I already opened a ticket about this point.





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Objet : [Scilab-users] MinGw toolbox 0.10.0 is not compatible with Scilab 6.0


Dear Scilab users and developers!


I have installed Scilab 6.0 x86 and x86_64 on my Windows 8.1 x86_64 laptop.


Also I have downloaded and installed gcc-6.2.0 for x86 and x86_64 as prerequisites of MingGw toolbox.

Then I installed MinGw toolbox in Scilabs with atomsInstall('mingw'). This process was successful.

Then I restarted Scilab and tried to test MinGw toolbox with atomsTest('mingw').


The results are not good - on both x86 and x86_64 - 13 tests of 15 are failed. Only G_make and dllinfo are passed.

I do not attach logs - the error is always the same "failed: Slave Scilab exited with error code 1 ".


If I launch these unit-tests manually (with cd SCIHOME\atoms\x64\mingw\0.10.0\tests\unit_tests\ and corresponding exec *.tst )

I got messages such as


WARNING: C:\Users\nikolay\AppData\Roaming\Scilab\SCILAB~2.0\atoms\x64\mingw\010~1.0\macros\scripts\TEMPLATE_MAKEFILE.MINGWnot found.


 make: *** No rule to make target 'all'.  Stop.

at line    25 of function dlwCompile   ( C:\Users\nikolay\AppData\Roaming\Scilab\SCILAB~2.0\atoms\x64\mingw\010~1.0\macros\windows\dlwCompile.sci line 34 )

at line    70 of function ilib_compile ( C:\Program Files\scilab-6.0.0\modules\dynamic_link\macros\ilib_compile.sci line 86 )

at line   129 of function ilib_build   ( C:\Program Files\scilab-6.0.0\modules\dynamic_link\macros\ilib_build.sci line 142 )

at line    17 of executed file C:\Users\nikolay\AppData\Roaming\Scilab\scilab-6.0.0\atoms\x64\mingw\0.10.0\tests\unit_tests\addinter.tst


ilib_compile: Error while executing Makelib.



Also I tried to launch Xcos model with Modelica blocks with xcos("SCI/modules/xcos/demos/Electrical/Bridge_Rectifier.zcos");

then with Simulation->Start got error in console

--> xcos("SCI/modules/xcos/demos/Electrical/Bridge_Rectifier.zcos");


 Main Modelica : C:\Users\nikolay\AppData\Local\Temp\SCI_TMP_6052_26419\


 Flat Modelica : C:\Users\nikolay\AppData\Local\Temp\SCI_TMP_6052_26419\

 Simulation C code :C:\Users\nikolay\AppData\Local\Temp\SCI_TMP_6052_26419\Bridge_Rectifier_im.c

   Generate a loader file

   Generate a Makefile

WARNING: C:\Users\nikolay\AppData\Roaming\Scilab\SCILAB~2.0\atoms\mingw\010~1.0\macros\scripts\TEMPLATE_MAKEFILE.MINGWnot found.

   Running the Makefile

   Compilation of Bridge_Rectifier_im.obj

   Building shared library (be patient)


 make: *** No rule to make target 'clean'.  Stop.


!sorry compiling problem                       !

!                                              !

!ilib_compile: Error while executing Makelib.  !


 c_pass1: build the modelica meta-block failed


 xcos_simulate: Error during block parameters update.



After manual move of 'scripts/TEMPLATE_MAKEFILE.MINGW' to 'macros/scripts/TEMPLATE_MAKEFILE.MINGW' atomsTest('mingw') 

reports 10 passed tests (failed are: addinter, ilib_build, ilib_build_2, ilib_build_cpp, links).

But Xcos models with Modelica blocks can be simulated except 2 crashes (Ball on a Platform and Chaos Modelica)


Scilab 5.5.2 (x86 and x86_64) works normally on the same machine with mingw-0.9.3 (and gcc-4.6.3).




Where is an error - in Scilab or in MinGw toolbox?

Should I report bug?



With best regards,
Ph.D., assistant professor at MPEI,
IEEE member,
maintainer of Mathieu functions toolbox for Scilab,
Nikolay Strelkov.

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