Re: [Scilab-users] Unable to update ATOMS packages - Scilab 6.0.1

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Re: [Scilab-users] Unable to update ATOMS packages - Scilab 6.0.1

Dear all!

It is known bug .

The solution is to use binary version of Scilab 6 as described in this AskUbuntu answer ( ).

Official reaction from Scilab developers and/or Debian/Ubuntu maintainers is highly needed and will be appreciated.
Otherwise Scilab 6 from deb-packages is useless waste of disk resources.
So please take all needed measures on distro-level.

With best regards,
associate professor at MPEI,
IEEE member,
maintainer of Mathieu functions toolbox for Scilab,
Nikolay Strelkov.

чт, 11 окт. 2018 г. в 9:12, Samuel Enibe <[hidden email]>:
I have a similar problem with SCILAB on Ubuntu 1804.

A solution to this problem from the developers of SCILAB or the Ubuntu maintainers will be most appreciated.

Samuel Ogbonna Enibe
University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria

On Wed, Oct 10, 2018 at 10:37 PM Pndsc <[hidden email]> wrote:
So to update my own inquiry - as far as I can make out theres no solution to
this problem. Or at least, I havent been able to fix it.

I'm not the only person with this problem - theres an  Ubuntu stackexchange
thread with a suggested fix here
by N0rbert which might prove useful for other people with issues of simply
getting Scilab to work, but does not solve my issue of ATOMS not updating or
displaying an up to date package list.

The HDF5 thing is a known issue and is on the bugtracker here thanks to

I have to admit I have a hard time with believing that this issue has been
allowed to persist for so long with the current most widespread linux
distribution out there.

Running an atomsInstall command doesnt work either:

--> atomsInstall("coselica")
Scanning repository ... Done

at line   265 of function atomsDESCRIPTIONget (
line 284 )
at line    31 of function atomsIsPackage      (
line 47 )
at line    69 of function atomsInstallList    (
line 108 )
at line   233 of function atomsInstall        (
/usr/share/scilab/modules/atoms/macros/atomsInstall.sci line 249 )

atomsDESCRIPTIONget: save
('/home/chris/.Scilab/scilab-6.0.1/.atoms/packages') has failed.

I dont know if its significant or not, but in
/usr/share/scilab/modules/atoms/etc/ , in the "repositories" text file, the
url for the atoms repository for 6.0 ( returns
a 443 forbidden error.

Its late here but the next thing on my list to do tomorrow is to download
the package zips manually and installing via atomsInstall('pathtozip').

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