Reg: Continuing Work and Gsoc 2018

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Reg: Continuing Work and Gsoc 2018

Hi all,

Good day!

I am Siddhartha (IRC: rocko). I have been contributing to Scilab for over 1 year now. I was a Gsoc 2017 student with Scilab last year. I really had fun and enjoyed my time working with the team of mentors and developers at Scilab. Looking forward to continuing and extending my work.

Below is my wiki/blog for my work

Below is the link to my commits on codereview -

Was taking a look at the projects this year.
The following are the projects that I am interested in working on-
1. Code quality -
2. Memory safety -
3. Matlab MEX-Files management -

I would be highly grateful for any inputs I could get regarding the projects.

Thanking you.

(IRC: rocko)

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