Reg: Including thirdparty libraries in my source files.

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Reg: Including thirdparty libraries in my source files.

Dear Developers,

If we are working on a Toolbox which uses the scilab_api and our source files include libraries like libgl and Eigen how do we make sure the compiler includes these headers too.

I am using - "ilib_build() to compile the files"

Same I am trying for the Mex_api in scilab and using "ilib_mex_build()"

Headers included -
"#include <igl/matlab/MexStream.h>
 #include <igl/embree/ambient_occlusion.h>
 #include <igl/per_vertex_normals.h>
 #include <Eigen/Core>"

But it gives the following error -

ilib_compile: An error occurred during the compilation:
ambient_occlusion.c:1:34: fatal error: igl/matlab/MexStream.h: No such file or directory
#include <igl/matlab/MexStream.h>
compilation terminated.
make: *** [ambient_occlusion.lo] Error 1"""

The error is obviously due to igl not being linked. How do we specify this to resolve the dependency error?

Would be grateful for any help in this direction.


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