Rendering Scilab plots on Java Frames

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Rendering Scilab plots on Java Frames

Is there a way to render the Scilab plots onto a Java rendering target

such as JPanel (or GLAutoDrawable in JOGL)? I can think of at least two abstract

ways (not necessarily Scilab based) to do this. My question is: “is either of these abstract operations supported in Scilab?”.


1.      Access the data structure that contains the plots (not the rendering window of Scilab) and then forward it to the rendering target (in a form renderable) in Java so that it can be displayed on any chosen target. In this case, we can still use Java event handling mechanisms to support user interactions with the plots.  

2.      Send, to the Scilab plotting functions, a handle to the rendering target and then Scilab plots the data onto the rendering target. In this case Scilab needs to maintain a data base of rendering target handles. Further, Scilab needs to take care of the user interactions – it needs to keep track of event and source target (that is the target that generated the event) associations.



  I do not know Scilab well enough to see whether Scilab can do either of these operations, and how to make Scilab do these operations.


Your input will be much appreciated.