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Scilab release frequency ?

After some private discussion by direct mail, Samuel pointed that I have to open the discussion to
ask for your needs / advises for the release frequency ; thanks Samuel for that. Please find also
attached a Scilab version timeline for reference.

To clarify the discussion, I will use the convention major.minor.revision (6.0.0 == 6 major, 0
minor, 0 revision) where :
 * a revision only contains bug fixes and should be script compatible but might deprecate functions
 * a minor version remove deprecated functions
 * a major version is a Scilab partial rewrite

IMHO an expected (with no strict application) period should be :
 * 6-9 months “revision” cycle
 * 18-24 months “minor” cycle (2 to 3 revisions)
 * much more for a “major”

Do you have an opinion on the Scilab release period ? Which period will simplify your developments ?


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