[Scilab-users] A way to manage and use homonymous builtin functions?

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[Scilab-users] A way to manage and use homonymous builtin functions?


Would anyone know a way to call a builtin function in a specific gateway?

I mean: for a function in Scilab language, if several homonymous functions -- say thisfun() -- are available in distinct available libraries -- say scilib and mylib --, it is possible to call either the scilib one with scilib.thisfun(), or the mylib one with mylib.thisfun().

Is there a similar mechanism for builtin functions?

The use case is the following: the external scicv module redefines the write() Scilab builtin function as a new builtin. But the scicv instance is not compatible with the Scilab write(). And is called first (i guess because it has been loaded after the io gateway of Scilab's write()). This makes Scilab some programs failing when scicv is loaded. This is reported on the scicv forge/ATOMS page.

So, i am looking for a way to point to the Scilab's write() in any case.

Thanks for any hints



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