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[Scilab-users] Anticipating Scilab 6.1

Hello Clément, hello Antoine,

I have two similar requests about anticipating the first Scilab 6.1 release (likely in feb. 2019?): Would it be possible

  • on the ATOMS website, administration page of modules, binaries management section: to add a "6.1" flag in order to become able to upload and manage packages for Scilab 6.1 from now? Releasing a Scilab version with an empty ATOMS list is indeed almost useless.
    About this topic: in the 6.1 release, adding the 6.0 repository in the default repositories list would be highly welcome. This could even become a rule: for any 6.x version, having the 6.x and the 6.(x-1) as default reachable repositories would avoid breaking most of users habits, what's rather the situation with Scilab 6.0.

  • on the bugzilla website: add a "6.1.0 (master)" item in the versions list (it could be renamed "6.1.0" when releasing it)? Many bugs fixes for stability are being included in Scilab master, and to me it becomes worthwhile working with the master, 6.0 being so unstable.


Best regards


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