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[Scilab-users] Efficiency of drive usage

Dear all,

I've observed that the function wavread, which needs to retrieve some specific header data apart from the real audio data, uses an mget call for each of them. For instance, it is necessary to detect several string ID's each one followed by 4 byte integers.

I wonder if this is an efficient way to use the drive. I mean, each mget requires reading the disk content which means mechanically positioning the read-write head and picking the information.

However, it is known that on each read the head retrieves typically a 4096 byte sector and the operating system may read at once several sectors into a cluster.

Do operating systems or Scilab, at a low level, ensure that if one performs several mget calls to retrieve closely packed data, the information will be retrieved from some buffer secured during the first physical read, instead of reading again the disk?

Thank you.


Federico Miyara

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