[Scilab-users] Fortran program call in Scilab 6.01: OMP does not work!

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[Scilab-users] Fortran program call in Scilab 6.01: OMP does not work!

I wrote a parallel routine in Fortran using OMP (Intel compiler v.17.0.4)
and link it to Scilab 6.01. To my surprise the program uses only one CPU
core from 8 available. Besides, the same standalone code uses 8 cores. *Does
anybody know what the bug (if any) in Scialab 6.01 and how to bypass it?*

My system is Ubuntu 18.04. Intel compiler
(ifort version 17.0.4) command is
ifort -fPIC -shared -qopenmp grav3d_omp.f90 -o gravda_omp.so

Scilab link and call command are:
                 xgrd,3,"d",ygrd,4,"d", zgrd,5,"d",...

I made a standalone version
ifort -qopenmp grav3d_omp.f90 -o gravda_omp
of the same progam and run it from Scilab 6.01
with the same result: ONLY ONE CPU CORE is used!
BUT, when I run it from a terminal window(xfce4-terminal) it works fine.
Every CPU core busy 100%.
What's the matter? Is there a solution?

Thanks in advance.


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