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[Scilab-users] Problems with graphics format

After creating a figure and plot I need to change the thickness of border around the plot. What property should I change?

Besides, I try to change the grid style using

gca().grid_style = n*[1, 1] 

where n is, for instance, 5. I get this:

As can be seen, only the horizontal lines of the grid obey the command requiring style 5 (dash and double dot)

What is yet weirder, the right border is dashed when it should be solid. Moreover, when manually resizing the figure said border changes randomly showing as solid, dash, dash and dot... The same happens to the uper border when vertically resizing.

I'm  using Scilab 6.0.1 on Windows 7, 64 bit.

Any idea of what may  be haening?

Merry Christmas!


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