[Scilab-users] adding a %nan entry to an xlssheet(Mlist) type of variable

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[Scilab-users] adding a %nan entry to an xlssheet(Mlist) type of variable

I have A, a 344x1 size xlssheet(Mlist).
A(1:100) consists of double entries
A(101:$) consists of string entries.

I want to add a new line to that mlist that contains the "%nan" entry for
the first row:
When I do the following:
A.text = ["";A.text];
A.value =[%nan;A.value];
then A(1) returns an empty string instead of the desired %nan element.

I get that because all rows i of A.text where A(i) contains double elements
have a "" string entry.
And all rows j of A.value where A(j) contain string entries have a "NaN"
But this raises the question, how does an entry k of A look like in
A.text(k) and A.value(k) vectors, that would produce A(k) = NaN for the

Any help would be highly appreciated!

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