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[Scilab-users] [bis] forge.scilab.org retirement

After http://mailinglists.scilab.org/forge-scilab-org-retirement-tt4041018.html :

Indeed, this topic deserved being cross-posted on both users@ and devs@ Scilab mailing lists.
But cross-posting is forbidden, and only subscribers to devs@ have received the announcement.
Repairing this issue here:

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Subject : [Scilab-Dev] forge.scilab.org retirement
Date : Mon, 21 Sep 2020 15:26:09 +0000
From : Clément David [hidden email]
Reply to : List dedicated to the development of Scilab [hidden email]
To : Users mailing list for Scilab [hidden email], List dedicated to the development of Scilab [hidden email]

Dear users, toolbox contributors,

We started to provide forge.scilab.org eight years ago intending to maintain Scilab toolboxes as projects with source code and bug reports. This was supposed to ease the maintenance and delivery of high-quality toolboxes. This required us to provide a reliable service and extra IT work out of Scilab development.
After Github.com and Gitlab.com successes, the needs of a forge dedicated to Scilab are not present anymore. Projects can be hosted and referenced with ease; these websites have high availability and extra services that we cannot provide.
Beginning today, all projects are migrated to a GitLab sub-project [1] and will remain accessible from there. If needed, request the access to write on your repository (from the GitLab interface) or migrate it somewhere else. The forge server is still up for now but will be discarded soon.
[1]: https://gitlab.com/esi-group/scilab/forge
Clément DAVID Scilab Team

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