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[Scilab-users] userdata not updated

Hi all,

I'm trying to build my first GUI, but I need some helps...

Basically, I have a button, that allows the user to select an input file.
Once it is done, four cells are filled in using data got from the input file
itself, as follows:

h4value = uicontrol(schottkyGui,
"style","edit","string",string(max(spectrum(:,2))), "units","pixels",...
        "position",[margin_x margin_y 70 25],"fontname",defaultfont,
        "BackgroundColor",[1 1 1],"horizontalalignment","left",

Then, I assume the user changes (writing in the cells by the keyboard).

At the end, a second button, calling a second function, reads the 4
parameters written in those cells, as follows:

b=findobj("tag", "yMaxParam");

It happens that the script works properly at the first run as I open SCILAB,
at the following runs, the findobj function always gives back the first run
values, whatever is given by the selected file and whatever the user writes
in the cells.
I think I should add a sort of "cleaner" at the beginning of the script, but
I dont know how.

Can anybody help me?


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