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his new Hollywood home with the Los angeles

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More than 20 years ago, when the term "signature sneaker" was synonymous with Michael jordan, Cheap Stephen Curry jersey  Adidas signed a quartet of young phenoms, in an attempt to jump-start its fledgling basketball stephen curry jersey  line. The face of that movement was Kobe Bryant, who by virtue of his new Hollywood home with the Los angeles Lakers and his fresh-faced interest in marketing himself had undeniable star power potential.

Bryant's time with Adidas didn't last, as he exited the deal in 2002 and played the entire 2002-03 season without a footwear validation deal before joining Nike, where he felt he belonged all along.

"It was like when Harry Potter landed in Hogwarts. [laughs] He was home, " he told me back in 2009. "I'm always around a bunch of people who are competitive and just as competitive as I am or just as passionate about the sport as i am. I'm not looked at as being different or anything like that because I'm ultra-competitive. I'm just around a bunch of people who are exactly the same way as i am. "

Unlike Air Jordans, of worn by Michael and just a few fellow Bulls teammates during his active Retro Stephen Curry jersey  playing days, Kobe's signature series soon filtered across the little league, worn by players of all positions on every team; trusted for their performance. While Jordan's line impacted culture and style in ways the industry probably will never again see, Bryant's line similarly impacted innovation.

"It means we were doing it right, because professional athletes aren't going to throw shoes on their feet just to throw shoes on their feet, " said Bryant, just after seeing the adoption of his Zoom Kobe IV across the little league. "That's how they make their living, on their feet, so want to make sure they put something on their feet that's comfortable, that's going to help them perform and that's safe. "

Over his two-decade career, Kobe's footwear catalog spanned more than fifty tennis shoes. In honor of his 39th birthday, we rank his most notable Adidas and Nike signature models, from the despised to the beloved.