new logflags syntax of plot() in 6.1

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new logflags syntax of plot() in 6.1


I don't approve this commit (
which was merged just before the release (I didn't even have the time to
give it a -1). It represents a complete breakdown with the spirit of
"plot", whose help page says "plot has been rebuild to better handle
Matlab syntax. To improve graphical compatibility, Matlab users should
use plot (rather than plot2d)". Until now, the behavior of plot was
customized by means of "propertyName/value" pairs given after the (x,y)

With this new logflags syntax, we have an optionnal first argument of
"value" type without its "propertyName", moreover this is a "value" of
an Axes property. At worse, but it would not have been more coherent,
the expected feature could have been implemented as a pair
"log_flags",string among other "propertyName/value".

plot() had the merit of being more user friendly that plot2d(). With
this commit, it started its convergence towards plot2d(), which is not a
reference of user friendliness. One implicit rule is: when we introduce
functions with Matlab's functions names and trying to emulate some of
its features, then the Scilab function has to respect the subset of the
Matlab API it implements and not mix with custom Scilab syntax. There
are plenty of such functions in Scilab and this is a pity. We have
implemented plot(), mesh(), surf(), light() and instead of breaking
plot() to allow logarithmic plots it would have been simpler to emulate
the corresponding functions in Matlab, namely, semilogx(), semilogy(),
loglog(). So I hope that this commit will be quickly reverted in favor
of, in order to prevent bad
habits of average users who could start using the logflags syntax.


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